Artifact #3

Kevin Interview (2:53):

Alex: Alright. so today I’m going to be interviewing one of my close friends, Kevin. So I wanted to ask you really quickly, why did you decide to come to UNE?

Kevin: Um, I had a few options of schools. Mostly were pharmacy schools, so I had Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and Northeastern. UNE was kinda in the middle of the price point. NCU was a little cheaper, Northeastern was a little more expensive and it was just far enough away to have my own freedom but also be close enough to family if I needed to.

Alex: Kinda like an independent that is trailing off. Another question, what do you think about UNE now?

Kevin: Um, there’s a lot more going on then I expected. So, I was expecting and I still do to come to school and just focus on school work, but there’s a lot of things around campus that I could be doing, I have just chosen not to.

Alex: What some things that you would like to try on campus?

Kevin: Maybe sports next year.

Alex: What kind of sports?

Kevin: Swimming and tennis mostly. That’s what I played throughout high school. I know boy swimming is a club and not a team, but it would still be fun to try.

Alex: Would you recommend any high school students looking into college to come to UNE?

Kevin: Yes, for sure. They would really enjoy it here. Not to mention that it’s on the ocean by a beach right here. There’s plenty of things to do, Biddleford is not a big town but not a small town either, when your like 20 minutes from Portland. Just a really good area and a really good school, I mean for the price of everything your basically getting everything you can image.

Alex: Is there anything off-campus you do?

Kevin: I work still. I travel home every weekend to work. About an hour and a half drive, so it’s not to bad.

Alex: Are you involved in extracurricular activities?

Kevin: I’m not, I would like to be but maybe not this year.

Alex: What year to do plan on joining a club?

Kevin: Probably next year. I took a few years off between high school and college so I wanted to get use to school, so I kinda just wanted to focus on school this first semester and then push myself a little further out next year.

Alex: What’s your biggest priority this semester and why?

Kevin: To get use to school. I didn’t do to well in high school, I was mostly a C/D student. I’m much better now though. I spent some time in the real world and I realized what I do can have immediate results that are bad. So I kinda just got back into it, put a bunch of work in and got here.

Alex: Thank you for the interview.

Ben Interview (2:26):

Alex: So today I’m going to be interviewing Ben. So quickly Ben I wanted to ask you, why did you decide to come to UNE?

Ben: I’m a Marine Bio major and UNE has a really good Marine Bio program and I really like the location of us right on the ocean. Those are the two big reasons why I came to UNE.

Alex: Anything about the price?

Ben: My parents are pretty well off, so it wasn’t that big of a deal to me, but base on the other schools I looked at, UNE was on the cheaper side.

Alex: How far away from home are you?

Ben: I’m about 6 hours from home. I’m from upstate New York in Saratoga.

Alex: What do you think about UNE now?

Ben: I’m very happy coming to this school. I was a little skeptical beforehand but after being here for a while I’m really happy.

Alex: Are you happy to live in dorms instead of at home?

Ben: I knew I was going to have to live in a dorm, but it’s not that bad in my opinion.

Alex: Would you recommend any high school kids looking into college to look at UNE?

Ben: I would definitively.

Alex: How come?

Ben: I really like everything about it. I really don’t have that many complains about it. If this school has a program your interested in, I would definitively consider coming here.

Alex: Are you in any extracurricular activities?

Ben: I’m not apart of any sports or anything but I am apart of Sulikowski lab for Shark and fish research.

Alex: Why did you choose him?

Ben: I’m really into shark research with marine biology and he does shark research, so that’s why I decided to join the lab.

Alex: Did you have any other extracurriculars you did in high school?

Ben: In high school, I was part of SADD, students against destructive decisions, and I played baseball and ran cross country.

Alex: How come you decided not to do baseball and cross country here?

Ben: I wasn’t that big of a fit when trying to join the baseball team and cross country wasn’t appealing. Also there was a lot on my plate at the time

Alex: So what is your biggest priority this semester and why?

Ben: My biggest priority this semester is to get good grades, that’s why I came to college was to do well in school.

Alex: Is that the only thing?

Ben: Well to also talk to people and get use to the campus, but if I had to choose between going to a social event or studying for a test, I would choose to study.

Alex: Any complains in the classroom at all?

Ben: No, I like all my teachers and think they are all really good at what they do and I don’t really have that many complains.

Alex: Thanks for the interview.

Josh Interview (3:08):

Alex: Today I’m going to be interview Josh. So Josh, why did you decide to come to UNE?

Josh: The biggest factor or deciding factor was that UNE was small, so I can have a lot of one-on-one time with my professors and they had neuroscience as a major.

Alex: Why neuroscience?

Josh: Well, I’ve always been interested by the brain and the psychology of it, but when I shadowed a psychologist I didn’t really like what they did in terms of dealing one-on-one with people, I wanted to look at more of the basics of the brain. So I found a field for that called neuroscience.

Alex: What about the price here? Do you think it’s too much or little?

Josh: I see why you pay so much, I mean it’s a nice campus. They do a lot for us and give us a lot. Of course as a student you want everything to be cheaper but I think it makes sense for the price.

Alex: What do you think about UNE now?

Josh: I love UNE. It’s basically like the tours that I went on did a good job of showing me of how the UNE community is in terms of very supportive.

Alex: So how were they supportive?

Josh: I would say it’s that feeling of you can talk to anybody without having to feel like your less then them. Which touring other places, like UMass or UMO up north here in Maine, you kinda get this feeling that they don’t really care about you but here with such a small number of kids, you get to know one another pretty well.

Alex: Would you recommend this college to any high school kids looking into college?

Josh: I would say yes just for that community feeling, but also we are very science oriented so it depends on what that major is. So if your going for engineering, I’m not sure if this is the place for you, but anything medical or science related then yes.

Alex: Are you involved in any extracurricular activities?

Josh: I am actually on the basketball team.

Alex: Did you do basketball in high school?

Josh: I did do basketball in high school. I played all four years on varsity.

Alex: Did you have any experience with getting interviewed for basketball?

Josh: I have had a couple interviews before. Nothing to crazy. Just after a good game they would ask me question like, “How was I feeling,” or “How did the team work out.” There was one time I hurt myself earlier in my junior year and I came back and ended up scoring 30 points that game. So, I had an interview about that.

Alex: What’s your biggest priority this semester and why?

Josh: Biggest priority? I would say really it’s just general for getting a feel for college. So knowing time management especially with me playing basketball, trying to figure out how to stay on top of my classes, I want to try to keep a B average. Hopefully some A’s in there. Just trying to figure out time and management for my first year.

Alex: Have you had any struggles so far?

Josh: I can’t say I have. I mean, I’ve been pretty consist, some late nights due to homework, but I mean mostly it’s just me if I stay up late.

Alex: Thank you for the interview.